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Our disciplined process is dynamic, and your goals
are incorporated into our overall investment
decisions. Your objectives and constraints are fully
considered in formulating our recommendations
to benefit you in an optimal way.

Our Focus: Your Needs 99fe93_fc6532aba6791f1ccd611120b4b7ccee.jpg

We believe in excellence and always try to improve. We also believe that risk should be recognized, rational, and rewarded.

Some people play the game. We try to change it with an innovative and unique business model to help you and your family reach your goals and have enough money as long as you live.

We invest with you, not just for you. We place our capital alongside yours.


Analyze your objectives and constraints through a customized questionnaire.

Ask for the BFM questionnaire


Determine and implement your target portfolio and a tax aware dynamic asset allocation strategy.


Evaluate your portfolio results and communicate investment results.


Monitor your changing needs to check the appropriateness of your current portfolio strategy.

BFM helps you diversify your wealth into selected mutual funds and ETFs after developing an effective asset allocation based on your risk profile. Your wealth will be well-diversified among domestic and foreign fixed income and equity funds, value and growth styles, stable value investments, real estate, and different currencies.

BFM makes recommendations to rebalance portfolios in order to maximize opportunities and reduce risk. We believe that the best investors are able to recognize their emotions and use them to their advantage.

If you already work with a financial advisor, we offer a second opinion with objective recommendations.


We believe in these fundamental principles:

  • Invest for the long term. Don’t time the market
  • Create globally-diversified portfolios that have historically reduced risk and improved return
  • Minimize costs, taxes, and turnover
  • Our investment strategies comes from rigorous academic research and are employed by major institutions
  • Simple rules of thumb do not work for many people. Income uncertainty can be substantial, so a one-size-fits-all solution is unlikely to work

Our responsibilities to you are:

  • To act in a professional and ethical manner at all times and for your benefit only
  • To act with independence, objectivity, skill, competence, and diligence
  • To communicate with you in a timely and accurate manner
  • To help you build a solid financial foundation, and a framework for making better financial decisions

“Diligence is the mother of good luck.” - Benjamin Franklin